Desfăşurarea cursului AOSpine

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ATORM anunţă desfăşurarea cursului AOSPINE
„Conceptele de tratament ale fracturilor spinale”.

Cursurile vor avea loc la 22 octombrie 2010, orele 15.00 în incinta hotelului VisPas (str. A. Lăpuşneanu 26, or. Chişinău).

Vă rugăm să ne contactaţi pentru a afla mai multe detalii.


Announcement of the AOSpine course:
-Treatment Concepts of Spine Fractures-

Dear Colleagues,

This spine course focuses on the treatment concepts of the spine fractures with and without neurological deficits. The aim of the course is to get you acquainted with the basic techniques and to give you tips and show you tricks to treat patients with fractures of the spine.
Our purpose and responsibility is to shape our skills and understanding of spine principles; to establish new values and incentives for the creation of knowledge, the sharing of wisdom, and the development of new tools and techniques that improve patient care, patient outcomes, and the cost effectiveness of spine surgery especially patients with spine fractures. The course will give a conclusion to the German-Moldovan spine project (pro-humanitate) and i hope the course will be the beginning of the AO Spine group Moldova.
We are looking forward to welcoming you in Chisinau, Moldova.

Yours sincerely,
Victor Ungurean, MD
General Secretary
Traumatologists and Orthopedists Association
of Republic of Moldova

Course Venue
The course will take place 22 october 2010, 15.00, in Hotel VisPas
A. Lapusneanu Str., 26
Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, MD-2004
Telephone: +373 (22) 242–129
Fax: +373 (22) 210–515
skype: vispashotel

Chairman: Victor Ungurean, MD

Dr. Nicolae Capros (MD, PhD), Chisinau, Moldova
Dr. Dirk Hartig, Pro-Humanitate, Germany
Dr. Frank Grochulla (MD), Fürth, Germany
Dr. Oleg Pulbere (MD, PhD) Chisinau, Moldova
Dr. Victor Ungurean, (MD) Chisinau, Moldova
PD Dr. Uwe Vieweg (MD, PhD), Schweinfurt, Germany
AO Spine – history, concept, aims and future.
(Vieweg) 15 min
Facture classification of the thoracic and lumbar spine.
(Pulbere) 15 min
Fracture classification and treatment options upper cervical spine.
(Capros) 15 min
Treatment concepts of paraplegia and tetraplegia.
(Cicala) 15 min
Instrumentation of posterior lumbar spine.
(Vieweg) 15 min
Vertebral body replacement and interbody fusion.
(Grochulla) 15 min
Treatment of posttraumatic kyphosis.
(Ungurean) 15 min
Kypoplasty and vertebroplasty.
(Vieweg) 15 min
Case discussion
(Pulbere, Ungurean) 30 min
Summary – spine project moldova. German view
(Grochulla, Hartig) 15 min
Summary – spine project moldova. Moldova view
(Ungurean) 15 min

Announcement of the AOSpine
Filename : announcement-of-the-aospine.pdf (231 Ko)
Legendă : Announcement of the AOSpine